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The 4 Levels of Communication

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by Steven Kessler, MFT A friend recently told me about this way of assessing the depth of intimacy in any given communication and I found it very helpful, so I thought I’d pass it on to you. I have fleshed out each of the levels. Many of us are already aware of these levels unconsciously. Whatever social skills training we had was good enough that we just automatically sense what level of intimacy is okay in a given situation and shift into that. However, not all of us were so fortunate, so having an explicit map of these levels of communication can be a big help. 1. Small Talk –...

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How EFT Works

All the hurts and trauma that happened to you changed the way that your life energy flows through your body. That’s why we need to go deeper than just talking about it. We need to heal it on the level of your body’s energy system, and that’s what EFT does. <br/>

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