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Steven Kessler, MFT

Steven Kessler (Marriage and Family Therapist # 23008) has been studying people his whole life.  As early as the 9th grade, he was attending the school plays night after night to learn more about people’s emotions.  After a stint studying physics at MIT, he transferred to acting school at Boston University for his undergraduate degree.  After four years as an actor and lighting designer in the New England Repertory Theatre, he decided to delve even deeper into the human psyche by getting his MA in Transpersonal Psychology.  For almost 30 years, he’s been a licensed psychotherapist, studying many different healing modalities and maps of personality, including Character Structure, the Enneagram, NLP, energy work, Thought Field Therapy, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).  He was credentialed by Gary Craig as a Level 2 Certified EFT Practitioner, the first in California and sixth worldwide to earn that certification.   Since Gary’s retirement, he has been certified as an EFT Advanced Practitioner by Tina Craig at ACEP and as an EFT Expert & Trainer by EFT Universe.

Recently, Steven published his first book, The 5 Personality Patterns, bringing the wisdom of Reich’s character structure map of personality out to the general public. Within weeks of its publication, it became a national bestseller.

Steven has also spent many years studying mythology, anthropology, and the evolution of human consciousness.  For over 30 years he has pursued various spiritual and meditation practices, including 16 years in the Diamond Heart meditation school.  For over 10 years, he has been a student of Lynda Caesara, studying Character Structure, the direct perception of energy, and shamanism in the lineage of Grandfather Two Bears and the Southern Seers tradition.

Since 1984 Steven has taught hundreds of groups and workshops in the US and internationally, helping men and women heal their wounds and grow into their full adult selves.  More recently he has taught over 100 classes and workshops training other therapists in the use of EFT.  From 2006 to 2010, Steven left his private practice for 2-3 months a year to work on US military bases both in North America and overseas, helping the soldiers and their families heal the wounds of war.

Steven is a past President of the East Bay Chapter of CAMFT, where he was named the Outstanding Chapter Leader in 2004.

Whether teaching or working with clients, Steven weaves together many healing approaches and modalities to provide what is most needed in the moment.

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How EFT Works

All the hurts and trauma that happened to you changed the way that your life energy flows through your body. That’s why we need to go deeper than just talking about it. We need to heal it on the level of your body’s energy system, and that’s what EFT does. <br/>

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