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What Do Your Favorite Movies Say About You?

Try this out:


Make a short list of your favorite movies.

3 – 5 is enough.
Write them down.


Ask yourself, what do you especially like about each of them?

One way to get clearer on that is to ask yourself, “What’s my favorite moment in each movie?” Is there a particular scene I really like? Is there a particular moment in that scene? What is the essence of that moment? What is it about that moment that’s special for me?


List each of those moments/scenes and what you love about it.

Ask yourself, is there a pattern here? Do a lot of these moments have similar themes?


Now ask yourself, is that theme somehow important in my life? Does that idea organize my life in some way?

What do you see?  Does it show you anything new about your life?


I don’t know how well this works for everyone.  I’ve tried it out with friends and we’ve been intrigued by the results.


Please share your lists and discoveries in the comments below.  Let’s see what we find!



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