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Guidelines for Tele-class Participants

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1. Call from a quiet place. Remember that any noise from your surroundings will be heard by everyone else on the call.

2. Disable your call waiting feature BEFORE you call in. Please refer to your phone service instructions for how to do this.

3. Turn off ringers on other phones/fax machines in the area.

4. You will have the ability to mute your phone using *6. Please use this option sparingly to avoid beeping in and out of the call and to assure that you can readily participate in our conversation.

5. Please remember to state your name when you speak so that we know who is talking.

6. Participate in the way that best suits you. I keep my classes small enough to hear from every student and you will be invited to share your thoughts, feelings and ideas at least once during our class.

7. Try to keep questions on the topic at hand. If you have an off-topic question, ask if this would be a good time to bring it up.

8. Keep in mind that the last five minutes of the call will be reserved for questions and announcements.


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How EFT Works

All the hurts and trauma that happened to you changed the way that your life energy flows through your body. That’s why we need to go deeper than just talking about it. We need to heal it on the level of your body’s energy system, and that’s what EFT does. <br/>

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