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Exciting things are happening in psychotherapy these days. The recent discoveries in energy psychology have introduced new treatments that are hundreds of times more effective than anything we had before.

By combining these new treatments with a clear map of the stages children need to go through to develop into healthy adults, we can rapidly determine what skills and abilities you missed out on and how to clear out the old traumas so that you can develop them now.

For you, this means that the healing that used to take months or years can now be completed in weeks or even hours. When using EFT, you can see the changes you want actually happening in yourself during your session, so you leave knowing that you already got what you paid for. And, because your therapy is so much more efficient, the total cost to you is much lower.


Individual Therapy

Whatever problems you are experiencing, whether recent or lifelong, they can probably be healed more rapidly and completely by using EFT.    Read more …


Couple’s Counseling

An unconscious relationship inevitably becomes a struggle. By healing the wounds and deficits that are the source of your struggle, your relationship can become one of contentment and mutual support.    Read more …


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How EFT Works

All the hurts and trauma that happened to you changed the way that your life energy flows through your body. That’s why we need to go deeper than just talking about it. We need to heal it on the level of your body’s energy system, and that’s what EFT does. <br/>

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