I give people back their lives

Steven Kessler, MFT
Certified EFT Expert & Trainer

Nearly all of us have been hurt -- hurt so badly that we closed our hearts, disowned our power, or in some way diminished ourselves.

I help people dissolve their old hurts and re-own their hearts, their power, and their real selves.   I give people back their lives.

Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), we can go to any painful event of the past and take the charge out of it so that you no longer need to fear it, or avoid it, or define yourself by it. 

It becomes "just something that happened," and you are finally free to treat yourself well, no matter how you were treated in the past.   Finally free to love, no matter how you were loved in the past.      Read more

Clients are saying --

"The work you did with me has stuck solid. It is like that negative belief is GONE GONE GONE! And more importantly the energy that it took from me is gone as well. Thank you, thank you."

-- Jackie Holmes, Psychotherapist (name used by permission)

"In two sessions I've already done more here than in 3 or 4 months with my previous therapist."

-- A client during his 2nd session

"You have given me myself back."

-- Mikelle Loar (name used by permission)

"I really like the immediate results.  Talk therapy stops after a certain point and this takes you the rest of the way."

-- Betsy Maldonado -- EFT workshop student  (name used by permission)

"Steven is a master teacher."

-- Delya Bull -- EFT workshop student  (name used by permission)

Exciting things are happening in psychotherapy

Recent discoveries in energy psychology have introduced new treatments that are hundreds of times more effective than anything we've had before.   Read more

Here's How EFT Works