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This is an old teaching, but it's fundamental to understanding people, so I wanted to make sure you're aware of it.The basic idea is simple: we have three centers of intelligence in our bodies, not just one. These three centers are the Head, the Heart, and the Belly. And each one has its own kind read more

Imagine you're eating an apple. You feel the crunch against your teeth. You taste the juiciness, the sweetness and the tartness, the texture as you chew. Then you swallow and it goes down into your stomach. Your body starts to break it down. All those digestive acids start to separate it into the parts you read more

You may know people who are always busy with some activity, whose fast pace reminds you of the Energizer Bunny. And you may be that way yourself. You may feel like you're always going 100 miles an hour. If so, try asking yourself, Why? Is there something that you're running from? What would happen if read more

When I was a student in the Diamond Heart Meditation School, the leader of the school, Hameed Ali, made an observation that really struck me and has stayed with me since. He said that most people relate to reality in the same ways that they related to their parents. If throwing a tantrum worked with read more

Nature is teaching us that we need each other. That community and cooperation are ultimately more important than separateness and competition.Here in America, our founding document is the Declaration of Independence. Our national story has always emphasized the importance of independence and personal freedom. And we in America have pushed the notion of independence farther read more

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