Couples Counseling

An unconscious relationship inevitably becomes a struggle. By healing the wounds and deficits that are the source of your struggle, your relationship can become one of contentment and mutual support.

How do you habitually deal with your needs? Do you take care of others and then hope they will take care of you? Do you pretend you have no needs and try to go it alone? Do you keep an account book in your head? Do you demand or whine or fight to try to get your needs met? None of these strategies work, of course, but we feel compelled to use them because we were conditioned that way as children.

Watching you and your partner interact in session, Steven is able to see what strategies you each employ and why they don’t work with your partner. Then he uses EFT to heal the wounds that have kept you stuck in those strategies and teaches you the energy and communication skills you need to get your needs met in easy, healthy ways.

You can expect that couples counseling will help you:

  • decrease arguing
  • increase clear, openhearted communication
  • rebuild trust and security
  • restore physical and emotional intimacy
  • bring back fun and playfulness
  • and increase your feelings of love, connection and worth

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