Has Donald Trump Not Achieved Object Permanence?

by Steven Kessler

This video blog will help you understand how Donald Trump's mind works and how he can so nonchalantly contradict himself without feeling any internal conflict.  It's not pro or con, just an explanation.

See what you think.  If this helps you understand Trump any better and you think it might help others, please let them know about it.

  • So I would ask the question is it a matter of never having achieved object constancy (does this behavior show up in much earlier video from some years ago?) or is there a possibility that the behavior we see is the result of either injury or a degenerative process?

  • Thank you for this thoughtful analysis. As many of us are, I’m struggling to understand Donald Trump without demonizing him. This is helpful, although not very comforting. How do we deal with someone who has not mastered this basic skill that most of us manage to grasp by the age of two?

  • Thank you so much for this explanation for trump’s behavior. How often is this seen in society and is it something that can be corrected? We are in precarious times and knowing that his grip on reality is tenuous at best, it does not make me feel any better having this explanation, since we are watching America implode with him at the helm.

  • Dos this mean that everyone who likes and supports Donald Trump is also lacking object constancy? That would explain a lot. For one, how they can continue to support him despite his seemingly total inability to be consistent with what he appeared to promise his base during his campaign.

    • No, I don’t think so. People might support him for many different reasons, just as they might support any other politician for many different reasons.

  • Yes, this makes a lot of sense. I can see it happening, as you said, minute by minute (although I try not to watch too closely!). I sympathize with Becky’s response, that it isn’t exactly comforting because, well, there he sits at the helm of our ship! But I believe if we can empathize with that part of him without changing our actions to either support or challenge him, things may be easier for us emotionally. Anyway, thanks for the professional insight, Steven.

  • Thank-you Steve for this explanation. While I still believe he has NPD, this specific explanation for the specific behavior abdolutely makes sense.

  • Thank you Steve for your insight!! I agree with you and Helen that he also has NPD and with you that ADHD could also be added. So with all these problems, I along with so many others are concerned about him leading our country. Can we really take this for 4 or 8 years? What if he thinks destroying a country with a nuclear bomb will bring favorable opinions of him? Is it unthinkable that a pschycologist could make the determination that he isn’t mentally capable of being president and remove him from office? I guess Congress would have to go along with that and impeach him.

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